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Sunday, September 24, 2006

It should be getting easier but it wasn't this weekend

Preparing speeches for my Public Speaking class, that's what I'm talking about. My next speech is tomorrow night and this time its got to be a persuasive speech. I started last weekend on a speech but I just couldn't get enthusiastic about the subject matter- seatbelt useage. I even worked on that subject about half of Saturday before deciding I just couldn't get an angle on the subject that I wanted. So, I ditched it and I've spent the rest of this weekend working on a speech about gun control...

Good grief I have struggled to limit this subject to just 5 to 7 minutes! There's a lot of information to research and then distill down into a cohesive and short speech but I think I've got something usable. I still need to create some charts but I'll try to manage that on company time tomorrow.

Now, I'm tired!

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